Public communication in Bergen city centre



How to travel easiest by taxi to and from Claus Ockenssmauer 3

Kjellersmauet is too narrow and steep for driving by car to Claus Ockenssmauet 3. The closest place is the outer Markevei 1 on the Hol Berg public (link to Google Maps).


When you are collected or brought in taxi, you order the pickup or delivery of external Markevei 1 on the Holmenkollen general.



Outer Markevei 1 is the nermeste you can drive by car to Claus Ockenssmauet 3.






the airport bus is fastest and rimeligiste transport is second by taxi. From the Lido corner between the public square and the fish market several times an hour. It’s 700 yards to go and take 9 minutes. Here you will find directions.





Bubanen is affordable and nice to travel with. For a low sum, you can travel in 90 minutes.


Route information about Bybanen in Bergen can be found here





Beffenfergen is a charming båtreise over the venture.


Beffenfergen is a charming little ferry. Timetables can be found here.





Bergen has a well-developed network with stops and routes. There is a short waiting time between the buses.


You can find schedules and stops for the bus in Bergen here.

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